Tools and Training

Our App is build on three simple themes Awareness Focus and Active Rest, and the Tracking of these practices long term.

Awareness Focus

The formulated list of Awareness Focuses gives you examples to choose from or you can create your own. This can also be done together with your personal coach or teacher.


Relaxation and Reducing Stress

The App includes a recorded audio for a guided 15 minute Active Rest, a relaxation and embodiment exercise. You can also use a timer to set your own Active Rest duration.


Progress and Continuity

Stay on track and motivated long-term by using the in-built Tracker. The collected results will show in the calendar view.



In the Calendar overview you can see at one glimpse how your practise is going. The activities are summarized in an inspiring and neutral way, with a distinctive colour palette of your choice.



An advanced Reminder set-up makes it easy and fast to set and turn off Reminders for each activity, at your chosen times and dates.


Diary and Notes

Store your personal discoveries, notes and questions in the App. They will also appear in the calendar overview.


Community and sharing

Share your practise with friends and stay motivated.