Smartphone App for the Alexander Technique

How to bring Alexander Technique into your daily life activities?

How to change life long habits?

How to track progress, and stay motivated?

The Awareness in Activity App – is designed to help you to apply your Alexander Technique principles into your daily life.

To change life long habits one needs to be consistent and keep reminding the body and mind of the healthy ways of using yourself. Awareness in Activity App, reminds you gently during the day to stay aware of you Awareness Focus to bring greater body, behavioral and emotional awareness into your life.

Tracking progress without getting caught in mindless repetition is a skill. The Awareness in Activity App is designed to strengthen the mental pathways of your brain, developing beneficial mind and muscle connections in your body.

It is also possible to use the App as a diary to write down your experiences along your process to greater awareness. From the Calendar Results page you can see your daily practice turning into a pattern of colors, showing your time spent with your practice.

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